Nanomaterials and NanoComposites

Nanocomposite is a multiphase dependable material, a few dimension of under 100nm, or structures having nanoscale rehash contrast between the distinctive stages that make up the material. It includes of a minimum of one irregular stage which appropriated in one nonstop stage where persistent stage is called "grid" while spasmodic stage is called "support" or "fortifying material". The Nanocomposite is arranged into polymer based and non-polymer based nanocomposite. It has a good application in electrocatalyst in batteries for vitality scotch, lite weight material for less fuel utilization, in counterfeit joints, marine application, scraped spot and wear application.

  • Dental nanocomposites
  • Polymer nanocomposites
  • Chitosan nanocomposite
  • Optic adjustment
  • Photochromism
  • Nanocomposite and their applications

Nanomaterial is specify as the "material with any external dimension in the nanoscale or having internal structure or surface structure in the nanoscale", with nanoscale specify as the "length vary approximately from 1 nm to 100 nm". This consists both nano-objects, that are distinct items of fabric, and nanostructured materials, that have an internal or surface structure on the nanoscale, a nanomaterial could also be a member of both these categories Nanoparticles

  • Bulk nanostructured materials
  • Two-dimensional nanostructures
  • One-dimensional nanostructures
  • Metal-based nanoparticles
  • Magnetic nanocomposites
  • Polymer-matrix nanocomposites
  • Metal-matrix nanocomposites
  • Ceramic-matrix nanocomposites