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Payment Methods

  • For the Online Registration, participants can register through the secured online payment site with Credit/Debit Cards.
  • For the Registrations paid through Stripe, only Credit Cards are accepted.
  • For the Registrations paid through PayPal, both Credit & Debit Cards are accepted and it is not mandatory to have or create a PayPal account.

Virtual Registration

The Virtual Registration allows the Participants to present or attend the conference virtually through an Online Platform and it includes;

  • Access to all Presentations
  • Opportunity to give an Oral/Poster Presentation
  • E-Copy of the Abstract Book & Conference Program
  • E-Certificate of Participation/Presentation accredited from Organizing Committee
  • Promotion in the conference website and social media
  • Talk duration will be 25 - 30 Mins which can be extended as per speaker request

Note: Participants Registered under Delegate are not allowed to present their papers in Oral or Poster sessions.

Virtual Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • The poster should be in PDF format
  • The title, contents, text, and the author’s information should be clearly visible from 1-2 feet.
  • Present numerical data in the form of graphs, rather than tables (graphs make trends in the data much more evident). If data must be presented in table-form, Keep it Simple.
  • Visuals should be simple and bold.
  • Avoid acronyms and extensive mathematical notations as much as possible.
  • The font in the poster must be the same all over and posters with 800 words or less are perfect. Avoid submitting compactly packed, high word-count posters
  • .Organize your poster into subdivisions, e.g., Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and Literature Cited (avoid using too many citations).
  • Use bright colors to enhance the detail. Besides your project, the text could also include future research plans or questions.
  • Talk duration will be 15-20 Mins which can be extended as per speaker request

Virtual Presentation Guidelines

  • Virtual participation allows participants to present or attend the conference virtually through an Online Platform.
  • All the Registered Participants will receive the meeting invite with User ID, 3 Days before the event.
  • It is advisable to join at least 15 minutes prior to the Meetings to avoid any Technical Issues during the Event.
  • For the Speakers or presenters, keep your presentation slides open in your device when the meeting starts so that you can share that document while sharing your screen during your presentation.

Offline/Recorded Video Presentation

  • The offline Registration allows the Participants to give a Recorded Video Presentation.
  • The participants have to send us the Video in MP4 Format at least 5 days before the event.
  • The Video should not be more than 20-25 Minutes.
  • The resolution of the video should be of high definition (720p or 1080p).
  • All information such as the title of your paper, authors’ name, affiliation as well as your photo must appear on the first slide of your presentation.
  • All presentations must be in English.No background music is allowed.
  • Note: The registrants in this category cannot access any of the Conference Sessions. The Videos submitted to us will be displayed during the allotted schedule.