Neurodegeneration refers to the progressive atrophy and damage of function of neurons, which is present in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's illness. Degenerative nerve diseases disturb many of your body's activities, such as balance, movement, talking, breathing, and heart function. Many of these infections are genetic. Sometimes the reason is a medical disorder such as alcoholism, a tumor, or a stroke. Other reasons may include toxins, chemicals, and viruses. A Neurodegenerative Disease is a condition that disturbs neurons in the brain, causing symptoms such as memory loss, moodiness, anxiety, depression, and agitation.

Neurodegenerative disorders include:

• Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders.

• Ataxia.

• Huntington's disease.

• Parkinson's disease.

• Motor neuron disease.

• Multiple system atrophy.

• Progressive supranuclear palsy.

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