Rhinitis and Sinusitis - Types and Treatments

Rhinitis and sinusitis are among the most common medical conditions and are frequently associated with each other. Both rhinitis and sinusitis can significantly decrease quality of life, provoke comorbid conditions, and require significant direct medical expenditures. Both conditions also create even greater indirect costs to society by causing lost work and school days and reduced workplace productivity and school learning. The session "Rhinitis and Sinusitis" is to discuss topics such as differential diagnosis, differential considerations, pathophysiology, physical findings and treatments.

  • Therapeutical and surgical treatments
  • Ethmoidal & sphenoidal sinusitis
  • Maxillary and frontal sinusitis
  • Subacute sinusitis
  • Acute & chronic sinusitis
  • Chronic atrophic rhinitis
  • Rhinitis medicamentosa
  • Allergic & nonallaergic rhinitis