Cancer Pain Management

Cancer pain has many causes, although cancer pain usually occurs when a tumor presses on nerves or body parts, or once cancer cells have invaded bones or body parts. Cancer treatments such as therapy, radiation, or surgery can also cause pain. Cancer pain is acute or chronic. Acute pain is caused by an injury caused by an AN injury and lasts only a short time. For example, having an operation will cause intense pain. The pain goes away when the wound is healed. In the meantime, pain relievers can usually keep it in check. Chronic pain is pain caused by changes in nerves. Nerve changes can be caused by the pressure of the cancer on the nerves or the chemicals produced by the tumor. It can also be caused by nerve changes caused by cancer treatments. Once the injury or healing has ended, the pain tends to be long-lasting and can range from mild to severe. It is present all the time and is also called as persistent pain. Chronic pain is difficult to treat, although pain relievers or alternative pain management strategies will usually accompany it successfully.


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