Complex Regional Pain and Pain Medicine Anesthesia

Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain condition that usually affects the arms after an injury. CRPS is caused by improper functioning of the PNS and CNS.

Women are most commonly affected by CRPS, it does not affect a specific age group over a given time period and peaks at the age of 40. Children under 5 years of age are not affected and children under 10 years of age are limited. , The elderly are rarely affected by CRPS.

1. Abnormal sweating pattern in the affected area or surrounding areas,

2. Changes in nail and hair growth patterns

CRPS is associated with excess bone resorption; in the process, bone is broken down by cells and calcium is released into the blood. Pain medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the evaluation and administration of dangerous situations that require modern organ enhancement and careful observation. Elevated brain usually follows a planned strategy for treatment. A diverse range of treatment procedures exist because the pain is so complex, ranging from general anesthesia to provincial admission, including anesthesia and appropriate post-cardiovascular modalities and surgery.


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