Current Diagnosis and Scoring Systems

Emergency doctors play a vital role in early diagnosis and early management of conditions. Experienced emergency physicians can ascertain important clinical findings and give a provisional diagnosis before transferring a patient to general surgery or obstetrics and gynecology departments as per their decision. Previous studies have shown that certain clinical indicators were helpful in differentiating appendicitis and general obstetric and gynecological conditions (OB-GYNC) from non-specific abdominal pain. To address the difficulty in the diagnosis of acute lower abdominal pain in female patients whose appendicitis has been confounded by OB-GYNC, imaging studies were performed. Imaging tests such as ultrasonography, computerized tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have high accuracy in diagnosing acute lower abdominal pain. However, the universal use of CT may not be cost-effective in countries with limited health care resources. Also, the time taken for such an investigation is also important for the emergency department. Clinical diagnostic scoring, on the other hand, may be more appropriate for early diagnosis in an emergency department setting. Clinical scoring for the diagnosis of appendicitis was studied as a guideline to be used for admission and screening for its application. However, such a diagnostic scoring system was not designed to diagnose acute lower abdominal pain from obstetric and gynecological conditions (OB-GYNC), which are also important in young adult women. Accurate and systematic pain assessment is needed to make an accurate diagnosis and determine the most effective treatment plan for patients suffering from pain.


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