Non-Pharmacological Approaches for Pain

Non-pharmacological approaches can contribute to effective analgesia and are often well accepted by patients. Some simple remedies that are sometimes recommended, such as hot or cold packs, have not been well studied. Complementary therapies for pain are often sought by patients, and their potential role in the palliative care setting requires evaluation. Patient education regarding the management of cancer pain has been studied. A systematic review suggests that educational interventions can have a modest but clinically significant effect on pain, and this is an under-utilized strategy. Non-pharmacological methods used in pain management can be classified in a variety of ways. In general, they are termed as physical, cognitive, behavioral and other complementary methods or invasive or non-invasive methods. Meditation, progressive relaxation, dreaming, rhythmic respiration, biofeedback, therapeutic touch, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, hypnosis, music therapy, acupressure and cold hot therapy are non-invasive methods. The most well-known and common method of invasive methods is acupuncture. It is believed that these methods modulate the gates that are the vehicles for transmitting pain to the brain and affect pain transmission or the release of the body's natural opioids such as endorphins.

  • Counseling Psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition for Pain management
  • Aromatherapy for Pain
  • Chiropactic Treatment
  • Hypnotherapy for pain management


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