Pain Assessment Tools

These exercise tools are available to help healthcare professionals more appropriately diagnose and treat pain in their patients. Pain is often regarded as the fifth vital sign in relation to health care because it is now accepted in healthcare that pain like other vital signs is an objective sensation rather than a subjective one. Most pain is assessed in the form of a scale. The scale is explained to the patient, who then chooses a score. A rating is taken before any drug is administered and after a specified time frame to determine the efficacy of the treatment. Pain assessment tools mainly include pain history or clinical history. This includes general medical history and specific pain history including intensity, location, pathophysiology, etc. Uni-Dimensional Tool is simple, easy and very useful which mainly includes Verbal Descriptor Scale, Verbal Numerical Rating Scale and Visual Analog Scale. Wong-Baker Facial Pain Rating Scale. Multifunctional tools provide more complex information about pain, for assessing chronic pain and which are time-consuming.


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