Pain Management Specialist

To some extent, physicians have always been specialized. Specialization was common among Roman physicians. The system of modern medical specialties developed gradually during the 19th century. Informal social recognition of medical expertise developed before the formal legal system. The subdivision of medical practice in different specialties varies from country to country and is somewhat arbitrary. Currently, there is no single area of ​​medicine or health care that represents the preferred approach to pain management. Indeed, the premise of pain management is that a highly multidisciplinary approach is necessary. Pain management specialists are typically found in the following disciplines: physiotry (also called physical therapy and rehabilitation), anesthesiology, interventional radiology, physical therapy. Specialists in psychology, psychiatry, behavioral science, and other fields can also play an important role in a comprehensive pain management program. The selection of the most appropriate type of health professional – or team of health professionals – depends largely on the patient's signs and the length of time the symptoms are present.


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