Materials Science Conference 2024

The "9th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering" was held April 11–12, 2024, at Belstay Roma Aurelia,Rome, Italy, with the theme: “Emerging Trends in Material Science: Unveiling New Materials and Technologies” and witnessed an amalgamation of outstanding speakers who enlightened the attendees with their knowledge related to the field of Materials Science and Engineering.

The conference hosted by Coalesce Research Group was marked with the attendance of renowned and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 10 countries around the world.

  • Magdalena Mietus, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  • Aleksandra Bandzerewicz, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  • Marcin H. Struszczyk, Institute of Security Technologies, MORATEX, Poland
  • Ryszard Dachowski, Kielce University of Technology, Poland
  • Anna Stepien, Kielce University of Technology, Poland
  • Sabrina Zuccalà, 4ward360, Italy
  • Elisa Bevilacqua, Fondazione Policlinico Agostino Gemelli, IRCCS, Italy 
  • Federico Frisone, University of Messina, Italy 
  • Pasqualino Corigliano, University of Messina, Italy 
  • Orchidea Maria Lecian, Sapienza University, Italy 
  • Ylenia Ruberto, University of Parma, Italy
  • Benedetto Di Ruzza, University of Foggia, Italy
  • Christian Jonathan, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Adamantini loukodimou, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Suparna DuttaSinha, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
  • George Theodosopoulos, TWI ltd, United Kingdom
  • Peter Eyerer, Fraunhofer ICT, Germany
  • Marc MEDALE, Aix Marseille University, France
  • Kailash Chandra Shivaji Paturi, University of North Texas, USA
  • Ankit Roy, Pacific Northwest National Lab, USA
  • Magdalena Balonis, University of California, USA
  • Lilita Ozola, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Latvia
  • Kung Chung Yuan, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
  • Muradiye Şahin, Kirşehir Ahi Evran University, Turkey
  • Bader Shafaqa Al-Anzi, Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • Chong Soo Lee, POSTECH, Republic of Korea
  • Ronaldo Cámara Cozza, CEETEPS, Brazil
  • Tau Chuan Ling, University Malaya, Malaysia
  • Qingping Wang, Hubei University of Education, China
  • Arkady Cherepanov, Russian Technological University - MIREA, Russia
  • Ahmed Babahammou, Hassan II university of Casablanca, Morocco
  • Sawsan A. Zaitone, Suez Canal University, Egypt
  • Ruslan, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine
  • Neha Thakur, Lovely Professional University, India
  • Niranjan S.Deshmukh, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, India
  • Rahul Ralegaonkar, VNIT, India
  • Sourbh Suren Garg, Lovely Professional University, India
  • Seongwoo Woo, Ethiopian Technical University, Ethiopia
  • Abdelrahman Ezzat, Aswan University, Egypt
  • Bestley Joe S, Kings Engineering College, India
  • Indira Rathore, IFFCO, India
  • Aasma, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan

The meeting began with an opening ceremony followed by Keynote Sessions, followed by a series of lectures (oral & poster) delivered by honorable guests and members of the Keynote forum. The highlights of the meeting were the eponymous lectures, delivered by, The two-day event implanted a firm foundation of upcoming strategies in this field. We are thankful to all our organizing committee, speakers, & students for encouraging and supporting us to conduct the conference and workshops and catapulting the same to the pinnacle of success.

We are glad to announce our upcoming conference,11th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering,” which is scheduled to be held on November 20–21, 2024, in Dubai, UAE

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