Important Dates

  • Early Bird Dates
  • First call
    February 28,2023
  • Final call
    June 29,2023

PolyNano 2023

We are here to ambit about our conference “International Conference On Polymer Science And Nanotechnology” which is going to be held on 29-30 , June , 2023 at Barcelona , Spain with the Theme “Enlightening the Advancements in the Fields of Polymer Science and Nanotechnology.
The Main focus is to not only getting new inventions develop on board but to also create a networking platform where science and business meet to satisfy each other and offers the humankind with the best implementable thoughts and products.

By making this conference a better experience and also a better acknowledgment is also can be gained through different people who ever gathered for the meeting. Dignified personalities from different fields are identified from their contributions by this conference. It gives opportunity for any innovative publications& indexing in research journals, updates, and e-books

Aim of the conference 

* To build a vibrant and supportive community of scholars by markedly expanding opportunities to connect and explore ideas and also To have brief  note about

  • Applications  Of  Polymer  Materials
  • Smart  & Functional  Polymers
  • Polymers  In  Wastes  And Their  Environmental  Impact
  • Polymers  In  Petroleum  Industries
  • Polymers  In  Everyday Life
  • Polymers  For  Drug  Delivery  System
  • Biopolymers  &  Biomedical  Engineering

Targeted Audience  

* We inspire and enable a better world through our conference content.

  • Scientists
  • Doctors
  • Researchers
  • Professors
  • Students
  • Delegates


Organizing Committee

Wei Min Huang

Nanyang Technological University


Charles McCormick

University of Florida


Manoli Zubitur

University of the Basque


Fu Xuewei

Sichuan University


Media Partners/Collaboration