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Polymer electronics ; Optics ,Fiber ,and Lasers

Polymer electronics is a involving technology that concentrates  on the development of electronic devices incorporating electrically conductive and semi conductive organic materials, especially organic polymers. It offers the prospect of an advanced electronics stage  using new materials, processes and electronic devices. Polymer conductors and semiconductors open up prospects for microelectronic systems that go behind the scope of conventional electronics based on silicon as the semiconductor. Polymer Ocular Fiber (POF) looks like a nylon rope and is clear to visible sunlit. Its core is typically made of Polymethyl , Methacrylate Polymer (PMMA), and uses a fluorinated polymer as the layer material. Individual of the utmost dual types of fiber lasers is the Erbium-Doped Strength Laser. We use an otherwise-normal optical fiber ready vacant of silica glass. We augment to it very small sums of the rare-earth part Erbium. The minor particles of Erbium are combined in to the core of the fiber when it is prepared .


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