Stem cells are the raw materials in our body from early stage of human development to finish of the life these stem cells are found in all of us. Stem cells are divided into more cells called daughter cells these cells are specialized cells or become new cells like blood cells, brain cells, bone cells, cardiac muscle cells these cells have the ability to regenerate new cells The stem cells are wont to treat or obstruct an illness or condition bone marrow transplant is the generally used stem cell medical care. However some therapies derived from epithelia duct blood are in used Stem-cell medical care has become disputable following developments like the flexibility of scientists to isolate and culture embryonic stem cells, to form stem cells exploitation cell nuclear transfer and their use of techniques to make iatrogenic pluripotent stem cells. This dispute is typically associated with abortion politics and to human biological research. Additionally, efforts to plug treatments supported transplant of keep epithelial duct blood are disputable

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In this procedure a patient receives healthy stem cells to replace damaged stem cells to prepare the body for transplantation the patient receives high doses of radiation therapy and chemotherapy called conditioning treatment after the stem cells are infused into the bloodstream they travel to the bone marrow and begin the process of forming healthy and new blood cells including platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells this is called engrafting.

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Types of stem cells

• Embryonic stem cells (ESC)

• Tissue specific progenitor stem cell(TSPSC)

• Mesenchymal stem cell(MSC)

• Induced pluripotent stem cells(IPSC)


Embryonic stem cells are obtained from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst a mainly hollow ball of cell that in the human forms 3 – 5 days after an egg cell is fertilized by a sperm. The cell inside the inner cell mass will give rise to the more specialized cells that give to the entire body all of our tissues and organs


Tissue specific stem cells specialized than ESC these stem cells generate different types for the tissue or organ in which they live these cells are difficult to find in human body


Mesenchymal Stem cells are isolated from Stroma the connective tissue that surrounds other tissues and organs these cells are present in fat and cord blood not all MSC are the same their character depends on where in the body they come from and how they are isolated and grown


Induced pluripotent cells have been engineered in the lab by converting tissue specific cells such as skin cells into cells that behave like ESC. These tools are helpful for developing and testing new therapies and drugs

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Cancer cells (found inside tumors or medicine cancers) that possess characteristics related to traditional stem cells, specifically the pliability to provide rise to any or all cell sorts found in an exceedingly specific cancer sample. CSCs area unit thus tumorigenic (tumor-forming), maybe in distinction to alternative non-tumorigenic cancer cells. CSCs could generate tumors through the somatic cell processes of self-renewal and differentiation into multiple cell sorts. Such cells area unit hypothesized to continue tumors as a definite population and cause relapse and metastasis by giving rise to new tumors. Thus, development of specific therapies targeted at CSCs holds hope for improvement of survival and quality of lifetime of cancer patients, particularly for patients with pathologic process sickness.

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Tissue engineering involves the use of cell placed on tissue scaffolds in the formation of new viable tissue for a medical purpose often tissues involved require certain mechanical and structural properties for proper functioning. Regeneration is the procedure of renewal restoration and tissue growth. Regeneration can either be complete where the new tissue is same as the lost tissue or incomplete where after necrotic tissue comes fibrosis.

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An abnormal mass of tissue that forms when cells grow and divide quite they should or do not die when they should. Tumors could also begin (not cancer) or malignant (cancer) begin tumors may grow large but do not spread into or invade nearby tissues or other parts of the body

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This is evolved from the field of biomaterials development and refers to the practice of combining scaffolds, cells, and biologically active molecules into functional tissues. The main goals of tissue engineering is to assemble functional constructs that restore maintain or improve damaged tissues or organs

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Biomaterials role in medicine is to restoring function and facilitating healing for people after injury or disease there are could also be natural or synthetic and used in medical application to replace damaged tissue or a biological function.

Bioengineering is that the application of the life sciences, physical sciences mathematics and engineering principles to define and solve problems in biology, medicine health care and other fields

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3D bio-printing is the utilization of 3D printing like techniques to combine cells growth factor and to fabricate biomedical parts generally 3D printing can utilize a layer by layer method to deposit materials known as bio links to create tissue like structures that are later used in various medical and tissue engineering fields organ printing techniques similar to 3D printing whereas computer model is fed into a printer that lays down successive layers of plastics or wax until a 3D object is produced in the case of organ printing the material being used by the printer is a biocompatible plastic.

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Cells that are no longer needed to treat the organism are destroyed by a tightly regulated cell suicide process known as cell death. Cell differentiation is the process by dividing cells change their functional or phenotypical type. All cells derive from stem cells and obtain their function as they mature

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Cell therapy and gene therapy are overlapping fields of biomedical research and treatment both therapies aim is to prevent, treat diseases and both approaches have the potential to alleviate the underlying cause of genetic disease and acquired diseases

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There is a variety of styles to save tissue and DNA samples that are well tested and frequently used including freezing, drying and storage in ethanol or buffer. Bio banking could be a type of biorespository that stores biological samples. Bio banks can give experimenters access to data representing an outsized number of people

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Immunotherapy treatment that uses A person’s own immune system to fight cancer and this can boost or change how the immune system works so it can find and attack cancer cells

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Bio medical engineering is that the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes (e.g., diagnostic or therapeutic). BME is also additionally traditionally known as "bioengineering", but this term has come to also refer to biological engineering

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Pharmaceutical research and development has targeted on compounds with increasingly particular mechanisms of action. This is often from a symptom grounded to the treatment of disease, wherein one wishes to concentrate on the primary mechanism of action required for drug efficacy while contemporaneously limiting off-target effects and minimizing adverse events/side effects

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