Stem cell research & therapy

 Stem cells are the raw materials in our body from early stage of human development to finish of the life these stem cells are found in all of us. Stem cells are divided into more cells called daughter cells these cells are specialized cells or become new cells like blood cells, brain cells, bone cells, cardiac muscle cells these cells have the ability to regenerate new cells The stem cells are wont to treat or obstruct an illness or condition bone marrow transplant is the generally used stem cell medical care. However some therapies derived from epithelia duct blood are in used Stem-cell medical care has become disputable following developments like the flexibility of scientists to isolate and culture embryonic stem cells, to form stem cells exploitation cell nuclear transfer and their use of techniques to make iatrogenic pluripotent stem cells. This dispute is typically associated with abortion politics and to human biological research. Additionally, efforts to plug treatments supported transplant of keep epithelial duct blood are disputable

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