Important Dates

  • First Call Registration
    20 OCT, 2021
  • Final Call registration
    28 OCT, 2021
  • Abstract Submission are open

Biopolymers E-meeting

Coalesce Research Group is very delighted to invite you for our next edition 2nd International E-meeting on Biopolymers and Bioplastics" (Biopolymers E-meeting)” on October 28-29, 2021 an Virtual Conference with the on-going theme "Biopolymers as Eco-friendly Polymers"We heartily welcome all the eminent researchers, students, and delegates to make their valuable presence in this approach to witness the valuable scientific discussions and contribute to the longer-term innovations in the field of Biopolymers, Bioplastics, polymers, recycling, biofuels, etc. The main theme of the conference is to provide unique ethical and responsive methods to all researchers towards energy and the upcoming technologies towards the biopolymers, bioplastics and to deal with the most updated research.

Why to Attend?

  • To transmit current issues and advances of your latest research.
  • For Thought-provoking speeches by Scientists, Professors, Ph.D.'s and Young Researchers.
  • For Network development with Academic and Business Professionals


  • Biopolymers E-meeting is a global platform for Artificial Intelligence Researchers, Academicians, Students and Business professionals
  • Accepted Abstracts will be published in our Supporting journals & also in our proceedings Book
  • Certificate Accredited by our Committee Member
  • Handbook & Certificate (Soft Copy)

Target Audience:

Biopolymers E-meetings has extended global outreach efforts to invite speakers and attendees from many nations around the world, who have an opportunity to witness the results of quality research efforts provided by attending world-renowned polymer researchers, biopolymers, bioplastics & environmental Organizations and societies, Business delegates, CEO’s and R&D Heads from Industries, renewable energy companies solar Industries, Professors and Students from Academia in the study of energy researchers who utilize novel techniques and knowledge in polymers, ocean plastics recycling & waste management. Such research efforts will place an importance on biopolymers & developments, bioplastics.

All submitted abstracts will be pre-reviewed first and the accepted ones after proper registration and presentation will be considered for the conference proceedings to be published with International Journals (Open Access proceedings in Journal of Environmental Science and Research).


Renowned Speakers

Virginia Martin Torrejon

Shenzhen Polytechnic


Ambika Balasubramanian

Sri Paramakalyani College


Carole Aime



Manuel Trejo Cáceres

Manuel Trejo Caceres