Graphene like 2D materials

The improvement of nanotechnology gives promising chances to different vital applications. The late revelation of molecularly thick two-dimensional (2D) nano materials can offer complex points of view to build adaptable gadgets with elite to fulfill various necessities. Numerous studies coordinated at graphene have empowered recharged enthusiasm on graphene-like 2D layered nano materials (GLNs). Graphene-like 2D layered nano materials including boron nitride nano sheets, graphitic-carbon nitride nano sheets and move metal dichal cogenides (e.g. MoS2 and WS2) have pulled in noteworthy enthusiasm for various research fields from material science and science to science and designing, which has prompted to various interdisciplinary advances in nano science. Profiting from the extraordinary physical and substance properties (e.g. solid mechanical quality, high surface region, unparalleled warm conductivity, surprising biocompatibility and simplicity of functionalization), these 2D layered nano materials have indicated awesome potential in natural chemistry and biomedicine.

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