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Graphene 2022

Coalesce Research Group invites all the participants across the globe to attend “4th European Congress on Graphene & 2D Materials” (Graphene 2022) during November 07-08, 2022 at "MILLENNIUM Hotel Paris Charles De Gaulle, Paris, France" that includes prompt keynote Speaker, presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibition.

This highly exciting “European Congress on Graphene & 2D Materials” (Graphene 2022) is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, industry representatives and Business leaders.  Theme of the Conference is: “Rising era of Graphene-beyond 2D Materials”. Graphene offers various topics for knowing advance details and for interaction including types of Graphene Oxides, 2D Materials, Nanomaterials, Batteries, Carbon Materials, developments & advanced technology and many more.

The 2-days conference at Paris, France will become a must-attend event for the Graphene & 2D Materials industry to hear about future infrastructure projects plans, government strategies and market-leading innovation. This year’s conference will cover a broad range of Graphene & 2D Materials topics, including Graphene Synthesis, Semiconductors, 2D Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies, Applications, Carbon Materials etc.,

Target Audience for Conference:

  • Academic Experts in Graphene & 2D Materials
  • Investors
  • Finance, Entrepreneurs
  • Organizations in the Materials Science & Nanotechnology Sectors
  • Industry Leaders, Government Leaders
  • Material Science Specialists
  • Nanotechnology Specialists
  • Nanomaterials Specialists

Who can attend?

  • Academic Experts in  Graphene & 2D Materials
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Organizations in the Energy Sectors
  • Industry Leaders, Government Leaders
  • Material Science Specialists
  • Nanotechnology Specialists
  • Nanomaterials Specialists
  • Research Institutions
  • Young Researchers & Student Researchers

Why to attend:

  • Meet the eminent researchers, Scientists & Business delegate who are working in the allied areas of Graphene & 2D Materials. 
  • This conference will be the best platform to explore your research work and innovations in the respective areas. 
  • This conference is focused on all the major fields of Graphene, 2D Materials and related topics.
  • Graphene 2022 provides a platform for researchers/scientists to share and globalize their research work. While the participants from industry can promote their products thus felicitating dissemination of knowledge
  • Opportunity to networking with the largest assemblage of participants from various associations/societies, industries, universities, Laboratories.


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