Mining and Metallurgy

Mining and Metallurgy defines the field of Materials Science that deals with physical and chemical nature of the metallic & intermetallic compounds and alloys. Diverse ways and skills utilized in the extraction and production of variety of metals and the extraction of metals from ores, purification; Metal casting Technology, plating, spraying, etc. in the series of processes, the metal is subjected to thermogenic and cryogenic conditions to analyses the corrosion, strength & toughness of the metal. Alloy development and casting techniques, Creep resistant alloys, Corrosion, heat treatment, Extractive metallurgy, Powder metallurgy, Light metals for transportation, Coupled mechanics. Components with higher strength to weight ratios, lower cost solar cells, display screens in mobile devices and storing hydrogen for fuel cell powered cars, Hydro-metallurgy, medical sensors, faster charging batteries, ultracapacitors. NEMS general integrate transistor-like Nano electronics with mechanical actuators, pumps, or motors, and will thereby kind physical, biological, and chemical sensors.

  • Alloy development and casting techniques
  • Creep resistant alloys
  • Corrosion, heat treatment
  • Extractive metallurgy
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Light metals for transportation
  • Coupled mechanics