Nanomedicine & Drug Delivery

Nano prescription is a part of medication that uses the Nanotechnology for the counteractive action and treatment of sickness in the human body. Nanomedicine combines the usage of nanoscale materials i.e., biocompatible nanoparticles, nanorobots. Current problems for nanomedicine incorporate awareness, the problems associated to lawfulness and environmental impact of nanoscale materials, Preparation of nano-prescriptions and its application. According to experts, Nanomedicine is known for advancements in the healthcare space. The nanotechnology revolution is currently enabling novel approaches to handle the major issues in trending medicine, resulting in the emergency of nanomedicine as a replacement paradigm for diagnosing and therapy.

  • Nanomedicine and Nano capsules 
  • Nano-Bio Interfaces
  • Nano-Mechanisms for Molecular Systems
  • Nano diamond devices
  • Novel Optoelectronic Devices
  • DNA polyhedral
  • Nano Arrays for Advanced Diagnostics
  • Cellular based Therapy
  • Nanotechnology future applications
  • Nanotechnology based Imaging Technologies
  • Nanomedicine and Nano emulsions 
  • Molecular nanotechnology

Drug delivery describes the method and approach to delivering drugs or pharmaceuticals and other xenobiotic to their site of action within an organism, with the goal of achieving a therapeutic outcome. Designing and developing novel drug delivery systems, with the attention on their application to illness conditions. Preclinical and clinical knowledge associated with drug delivery systems. Drug Delivery and Translational Research is a journal published by CRS, providing a unique forum for scientific publication of high-quality research that is exclusively focused on Drug Development and translational aspects of drug delivery. Drug distribution, pharmacokinetics, clearance, with drug delivery systems as compared to traditional dosing to explain beneficial outcomes. Biomaterials with growth factors for stem-cell differentiation in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Devices for drug delivery and drug/device combination products.

  • Liposomes
  • Future aspects of Drug Delivery
  • Major Challenges in Drug Delivery
  • Current Features in Drug Delivery
  • Versatile Polymers In Drug Delivery
  • Optimization Techniques in Drug Delivery
  • Formulation and Development Drug
  • Development Partnering Opportunities