Plant Ecology

Plant ecology could be a sub discipline of ecology that studies the distribution and abundance of plants, the consequences of environmental factors upon the abundance of plants, and also the interactions among and between plants and alternative organisms.A global summary of the earth's major vegetation sorts is provided by Archibald. He acknowledges eleven major vegetation types: tropical forests, tropical savannas, arid regions (deserts), Mediterranean ecosystems, temperate forest ecosystems, temperate grasslands, evergreen forests, plain terrestrial wetlands, fresh ecosystems and coastal/marine systems. This breadth of topics shows the quality of plant ecology, since it includes plants from floating noncellular alga up to massive cover forming trees. •    Restoration ecology •    Plant community ecology •    Plant population ecology •    Restoration ecology Related :  Plant Ecology Conferences | Plant Ecology Conferences 2020 | Plant Ecology Congress | Plant Ecology Congress 2020 | Plant Ecology Meetings | Plant Ecology Meetings 2020 | Plant Ecology Events  | Plant  Ecology Events 2020 International  Plant Ecophysiology Conference, Bali, Indonesia; International Conference on Forest Tree Physiology and Biochemistry, Lisbon, Portugal,Apr 16; International Machine Learning Plant Biotechnology Conference, Dubai; International Conference on Machine Learning Techniques in Plant Biotechnology, Rome, Italy Related Associations: Latvian society of plant biology; Lithuanian society of sciences; major plant science associations around the globe; marine biological association; medicinal and aromatic plants association of India; medicinal and aromatic plants growers association; medicinal plant association; modeled plant association groups of Washington and Oregon