Plant Pathology & Microbiology

Plant pathology is that the study of plant diseases including:1) causes, 2) mechanisms by that diseases occur, 3) interactions between plants and disease-causing agents, and 4) dominant diseases.This definition of disease includes organismic causative agents that attack plants like fungi, bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses, nematodes and parasitic plants. However, for decorative plants abiotic diseases so much outweigh the standard causes of plant diseases. •    Integrative plant biology •    Molecular plant pathology •    Anatomical & forensic pathology Related : Plant Pathology Conferences | Plant Pathology Conferences 2020 | Plant Pathology Congress | Plant Pathology Congress 2020 | Plant Pathology Meetings |  Plant Pathology Meetings 2020 | Plant Pathology Events  | Plant Pathology Events 2020 | Plant Microbiology  Conferences | Plant Microbiology Conferences 2020 | Plant Microbiology Congress | Plant Microbiology Congress 2020 | Plant Microbiology Meetings | Plant Microbiology  Meetings 2020 | Plant Microbiology Events  | Plant Microbiology Events 2020 Advanced Methods and Techniques in Plant Science Conference, Bangkok ,Jan 16-17, 2020; Advances in Imaging in Endocrinology and Neuroendocrinology Conference, Paris, Jan 23-24, 2020; Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Conference, Tokyo, Jul 14-15, 2020;Agronomy, Plant Science, Biotechnology and Horticulture Conference, Tokyo, Jan 06-07, 2020 Related Associations:  62nd international congress and annual meeting of the society for medicinal plant and natural product research; African crop science society; alliance of crop, soil, and environmental science societies; alliance of European societies of plant biology; American botanical council; American breeders association cattle