Keynote Forum
Time : 11:20 To 12:40

Ramiz Ahmedbeyli

Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan

Title: Optimal interdisciplinary treatment planning for functional and esthetical result

Time : 12:20 To 12:45

Giovanni Dondi dall’Orologio

University of Bologna, Italy

Title: A clinical trial of color matching performance of a single shade composite

Lunch Break

Time : 12:45 To 13:45

Networking & Refreshments

Time : 15:45 To 16:00
Plenary Sessions
Time : 13:45 To 14:10

Cristina Daniela Balan

Dental Care Rotterdam, Netherlands

Title: The multitasking of the modern dentist: A challenge you need to prepare for

Time : 14:10 To 14:35

Pirkko-Liisa Tarvonen

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Title: Challenges related to CAD/CAM Milling Technique among Finnish Dentists

Time : 14:35 To 15:00

Narjes Hoshyar

Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Biocompatibility of portland cement modified with titanium oxide and calcium chloride in a rat model

Time : 15:00 To 15:45

Yvan Touitou

Rothschild Fondation, France

Title: Local anesthetics circadian rhythms. A clinical perspective

Time : 16:00 To 17:30

Islam M.Youssef

Cairo university, Egypt

Title: The Road towards highly Esthetical and Functional Posterior Restorations