Periodontics is the branch of Dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disease and conditions of supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth.

A Periodontist is a person who helps you in situations when your gums aren’t in optimal condition. Of course, gums aren’t the only focus for Periodontists. Professionals also work on other parts of the mouth, i.e., the part of the jawbone that supports your teeth is the alveolar process. Any issues with this part of the jaw could lead to tooth loss, especially in women. That’s because it’s the bone portion that hosts tooth sockets. When your alveolar process deteriorates or breaks, you need a Periodontist to reset it and secure your teeth.

Similarly, the Cementum is the tissue that connects your teeth and gums. It’s a calcified substance with a simple purpose. Cementum protects the roots of your teeth. To do this, it connects the alveolar bone with the teeth via the periodontal ligament.