Microbiology is the study of the biology of infinitesimal entities - bacteria, viruses, slime molds, algae, fungi and protozoa. The approaches used to study and deploy these miniature and habitually unicellular organisms diverge from those used in most other living investigations. 

Virology is the scientific chastisement anxious with the study of the biology of viral diseases and viruses together with the scattering, molecular biology, ecology, biochemistry, physiology, evolution and clinical characteristics of viruses. 

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Infectious Diseases Pathology studies laboratory practices and investigations of infectious diseases. Pathology also refers to the study of sickness in common, including a varied range of biology research fields and medical practices. Nevertheless, when used in the perspective of present medical treatment, the term is often used in a thinner way to refer to processes and tests which fall within the contemporary medical field of general pathology. Divisions in pathology

  • Anatomic pathology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Forensic pathology
  • Laboratory medicine

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Entomology is a branch of zoology that involves in the scientific study of insects. In the past the term insect was less specific, and historically the classification of entomology would also consist of the study of animals in other arthropod groups, such as myriapods, arachnids, and crustaceans. These subfields are as follows

  • Coleopterology
  • Dipterology
  • Hemipterology
  • Isopterology
  • Lepidopterology
  • Melittolog 
  • Myrmecology
  • Orthopterology 
  • Trichopterology
  • Vespology

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Bacteriology, the name indicates it self that the study on bacteria and many other aspects related to bacteria. It involves in the study of morphology, genetics, ecology and biochemistry of bacteria. The subdivision also involves in the study of classification, characterization and identification of bacterial species.

Parasite is an organism which lives on or in another organism and gets food from it. The parasites which can cause diseases in human body are helminths, protozoa, and ectoparasites. The study of the parasite, their hosts and the relation between them is known as Parasitology.

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It is the disease can caused by the bites of infected mosquitoes. It is caused by the plasmodium parasite. Malaria causes symptoms that generally include fever, tiredness, headache and vomiting. In some cases it may causes jaundice, seizures, coma or death. Each year 290 million people are infected with malaria and more than 0.4 million people die of the disease.

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Surgical Site Infections are the infections which occur after the surgery in the body where the surgery took place. Most surgical site infections can be superficial infections involving in the skin. Where the other surgical site infections are more serious and can involve tissues under the organs and implanted material. Most common surgical site infections are

  • Staphylococcus
  • Streptococcus
  • Pseudomonas

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Tuberculosis is known for its short name TB. This is an infectious bacterial disease that mainly affects the lungs. The cause Tb can spread easily to person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Most people infected with these bacteria that cause TB don’t have symptoms. If symptoms occur, mostly cough and weight loss and fever. Treatment isn’t required for those who are infected without symptoms. A person with symptoms requires long course treatment with multiple antibiotics. 

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Liver is the vital organ in the human body. It processes the nutrients, filters the blood and fights with infections. When the liver is damaged all these functionalities can be affected. The inflammation of the liver called as hepatitis. It causes because of heavy alcohol use and toxins. There are 5 viruses that causes various forms of viral hepatitis

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis D
  • Hepatitis E

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Nosocomial Infections are the infections that a person gets while he/she is in the hospital for another reason. It is also called as health-care associated infection or as a hospital-acquired infection. Mostly the patients and healthcare specialists bring the germs into to hospital and spread them to each other. Some of the nosocomial infections

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Respiratory pneumonia
  • Surgical site wound infections
  • Bacteremia

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