Metallurgy: Metallurgy is a system that's used for the birth of essence in its pure form. The composite of essence mixed with soil, limestone, beach, and jewels are known as minerals. Essences are commercially uprooted from minerals at low cost and minimal trouble. These minerals are known as ores.

Principles of Metallurgy :

  • Crushing and grinding
  • The concentration of ores Hydrolytic method
  •  Magnetic separation
  • Froth floatation
  • Roasting and calcination

Steps in Metallurgical Process:

  •  Crushing and grinding the ore
  •  The concentration of ore (or) Ore enrichment.
  •  Metal extraction from concentrated ore.
  •  Impure metals are refined or purified.

Types of Metallurgy: Extractive Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy, Mechanical Metallurgy

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