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Polymer Science and Nanotechnology

Polymer Science and Nanotechnology

Polymer Science: Macromolecular Science is a subfield of polymer science associated with polymers, basically engineered polymers such as plastic and elastomers. The field of polymer science incorporates analysts in different shapes counting material science, chemistry, and building.

Nanotechnology: Is the control of matter on a near-atomic scale to create unused structures, materials, and gadgets. The innovation guarantees logical progression in numerous divisions such as medication, customer items, vitality, materials, and fabricating Nanotechnology is the term given to those ranges of information and designing where cautions that take place at the nanometer scale are utilized in the plan, characterization, item, and operation of handle, structures, predisposition, and frameworks. Nano-sized patches live in nature and can be made from an assortment of items comparable to carbon or minerals like flatware, but nanomaterials by portrayal must have at least one measurement that's lower than generally 100 nanometers

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