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Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a variety of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer. The immune system supports your body fight infections and extra diseases. It is through up of white blood cells and organs and tissues of the lymph system. Immunotherapy is a type of biological treatment. Immunotherapy is a lung cancer treatment. It does not cure phase 4 lung cancer, but it may help patients live longer. Naked Monoclonal antibodies are the most common category used in cancer treatment. They're called naked because they're unattached to whatever. These antibodies boost your immune system's response against the cancer, or block antigens that help the cancer produce and spread.

The different types of immunotherapy include:

Monoclonal antibodies and immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Non-specific immunotherapies.

Oncolytic virus therapy.

T-cell therapy.

Cancer vaccines.

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