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Cancer Stem Cells & the Tumor Microenvironment

Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) might be in charge for tumor initiation, relapse, metastasis and treatment resistance of GC. The Tumor Microenvironment (TME) comprises tumor cells, immune cells, stromal cells and extra extracellular components, which plays a pivotal part in tumor progression and therapy resistance. The tumor microenvironment is the ecosystem that surroundings a tumor inside the body. It take in immune cells, the extracellular matrix, blood vessels and other cells, like Fibroblasts. A tumor and its microenvironment constantly interact and influence each other, moreover positively or negatively.

There are four types of Tumor Microenvironment:

Tumor cells

Tumor stromal cells including stromal fibroblasts

Immune cells and Endothelial cells like microglia

Macrophages and lymphocytes

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