Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) play a critical role in the metastasis and decline of colorectal cancer. CSCs are a subpopulation of cancer cells with unique properties of self-renewal, infinite division and multi-directional differentiation potential.In new years, the rise of cancer stem cell theory has provided a new way for cancer treatment. Studies have found that a small number of extraordinary cells in colorectal cancer tissues that induce tumorigenesis, proliferation, and encourage tumor migration and metastasis, namely, colorectal cancer stem cells. Rimonabant kills Colon Cancer Stem Cells without Bringing Toxicity in Normal Colon Organoids. Colorectal cancer (CRC), like other tumor kinds, is a highly heterogeneous disease. Stage 1 colon cancer is an early-stage cancer that is treatable. Removal of the cancerous tissue with surgery or throughout colonoscopy – without chemotherapy or radiation – is the primary treatment.

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