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Congenital malformations (Birth defects )

Congenital malformations (Birth defects ) Congenital anamolies occur as a result of impoper development of Embryo. Birth defects may result from genetic or chromosomal disorders, exposure to certain medications or chemicals, or certain infections during pregnancy. A combination of genetic and dietary factors may lead to congenital malformations, as in the case of folic acid and neural tube defects. These defects can be caused by genetic abnormalities and/or environmental exposures, although the underlying etiology is often unknown.

Global birth prevalence of these Birth defects is about 2-3%. A correct identification of a congenital defect is the first step in order to offer a helpful genetic counseling to the parental couple. Because of their increasing life expectancy, congenital malformations represent today a major issue for neonatologists and Pediatricians.

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