Oral Sessions
Time : 18:05 To 18:30

Huiyong Deng

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Microstructure and Optical Properties of InAsSb Infrared Films.

Time : 18:30 To 18:55


Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux, ICMCB - CNRS, France

Title: Ag/CNT metal matrix composites: Development of a controlled manufacturing process.

Young Research Forum
Time : 18:55 To 19:10

Hui Lu

Advanced Photonics Center, Southeast University, China

Title: Manipulating “Hot Spots” from Nanometer to Angstrom: Towards Understanding Integrated Contributions of Molecule Number and Gap Size for Ultrasensitive SERS Detection.

Time : 19:10 To 19:25

Nitesh Kumar

Amity University, India

Title: Hand - held portable colorimetric sensing device for quantitative detection of chromium in aqueous medium using silver nanoparticle as a probe.

Renowed Keynote Forum & Eminent Plenary Forum
Time : 09:50 To 10:20

Richard Langford

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Title: 3D tomographic analysis and insitu liquid TEM studies of the dissolution of bioactive glass and phosphate nucleation .

Time : 10:50 To 11:20

Gianluca Landi

Institute of Researches on Combustion – CNR, Italy

Title: Improving thermochemical splitting performance of ceria based materials: novel preparation routes, doping and co-doping.

Time : 11:20 To 11:50

Giuseppina Luciani

DICMaPI, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Title: Learning from nature: bioinspired strategies for the design of bio-functional materials

Time : 11:50 To 12:20

Harald A. Øye

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Title: Spent Potlining, The Remaining Pollution Problem for Aluminium Production..

Time : 12:20 To 12:50

Masaru Hori

NagoyaUniversity, Japan

Title: PN-3DGN-Plasma Nanoscience for 3D Graphene Network and Its Applications to Industry and Medicine.

Time : 13:50 To 14:20


Grenoble Institute of Technology, France

Title: Recent progresses in flexible transparent electrodes.

Time : 14:20 To 14:50

Dr Jean - François SILVAIN

Institute of Chemistry of Condensed Matter of Bordeaux, ICMCB - CNRS, France

Title: Physical properties of graphite flakes and carbon fibres aluminium composite materials.

Time : 14:50 To 15:20

Alicia de Andrés

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid - CSIC, Spain

Title: Graphene on copper: interrelations and consequences on copper oxidation.

Time : 15:20 To 15:50

Domenico Lombardo

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto Processi Chimico Fisici, Italy

Title: Structure and Interaction of Drugs Nanocarriers in Complex Biological Media.

Time : 15:50 To 16:20

Tomoko Akai

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST), Japan

Title: Can glass be a good luminescent material? .

Time : 16:35 To 17:05

Hervé Piombini

DAM, Le Ripault, France

Title: How to check coatings on microcomponents?.

Time : 17:05 To 17:35

Paola Prete

CNR (IMM - CNR), Italy

Title: Nanoscale synthesis and properties of III-V core- (multi)shell nanowires for nanophotonics and III Gen photovoltaics.

Time : 17:35 To 18:05

Dr Myalkin Igor

Chemistry Research Institute of N.I.Lobachevsky State University, Russia

Title: The enthalpy of solution of the PMMA of solvents in case T = 298.15 K.