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    27th October, 2023
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    06th November, 2023

Power 2023

It is a great pleasure to announce that Coalesce Research Group will host International Conference on Power and Energy Engineering world conference in Dubai, UAE during November 06-07, 2023.
Power Engineering is one of the fields within electrical engineering which deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power.

This event launched with the theme “Production, Utilization and Importance of Power and Energy Engineering”, a world class platform for industry professionals and young researchers looking for intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring ideas on present results, past experiences and future projects in multidisciplinary challenging problems and listed hot topics on power and energy engineering.

We would like to encourage you to utilize this forum by submitting your abstracts and register to attend in order to share your achievement in the power and energy engineering conference. We look forward to see you at POWER 2023 in Dubai, UAE during on November 06-07, 2023.


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