Abstract Submission deadline: November 5, 2023
Keynote Presentation
Time : 10:00 To 10:45

Heiko Scholz

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Title: Mineral Nutrition in Suckler Beef Cows During the Grazing Season

Time : 10:45 To 11:30

Othman Jamal Nassrullah

Sulaimani University, Iraq

Title: Zoonotic Diseases in Kurdistan Region

Network & Refreshments

Time : 11:30 To 11:50

Group Photo

Time : 13:20 To 13:30


Time : 13:30 To 14:30

Network & Refreshments

Time : 16:00 To 16:30
Oral Presentation
Time : 11:50 To 12:20


, United Arab Emirates

Title: Sponsor Presentation

Time : 12:20 To 12:50

Amr Amin

United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates

Title: The Significance of Camel Milk in the Fight against Cancer

Time : 12:50 To 13:20

Janine bahr- van Gemmert

Robbenzentrum Foehr Tierhuus Insel Foehr E.V., Germany

Title: Veterinary Work in A Seal Rehabilitation Centre: Motherless Pups, Lungworms and Other Diseases in Seals

Time : 14:30 To 15:00

Sunil Kumar Pal

Katwa Bharati Bhaban Higher Secondary School, India

Title: Are the Free-Ranging Dogs (Canis Familiaris) only Polygamous or only Monogamous?

Time : 15:00 To 15:30

Hamideh Keshavarzi

CSIRO, Australia

Title: Possible Cost-Benefits of using Pain Relief for Lamb Marking

Time : 15:30 To 16:00

Alexandre Vieira-Pires

Equigerminal & University of Coimbra, Portugal

Title: RNA Viral Threats: Unraveling NEV and SARS-CoV-2 Dynamics for One Health

Poster Presentation
Time : 16:00 To 16:15

Heiko Scholz

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Title: DCAB of Grass and NSBA in Urine of Suckler Cows during the Grazing Period

Time : 16:15 To 16:30

Hiva Khakpour & Athena Salami

Tehran University, Iran

Title: Keratoma in 17 years old Gelding

Time : 16:30 To 16:45

Negin Akhavan

Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch, Iran

Title: Unilateral lumbosacral Transitional Vertebra in a 4-year-old Female Cat

Time : 16:45 To 17:00

Athena Salami & Negin Akhavan

Tehran University, Iran

Title: Rheumatoid Arthritis in a 10-year-old Dog

E-Poster Presentation
Time : 17:00 To 17:10

Petia Genova-Kalou

National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Bulgaria

Title: The Applicability of Biosensor Technologies in Detection of Coxiella Burnetii Infection in Clinical Specimens