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MatSci Conference 2023

Coalesce Research Group takes enormous delight in inviting all the participants across the world to attend the "7th International Conference on Material Science and Engineering" which is to be held on June 29-30, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. Our CRG organization owes to serve high-quality genuine research across the world. Material Science and Engineering is an acronym for the annual conference "MatSci Conference 2023".

This conference aim is to review their knowledge, and experience, share new ideas moreover, to provide a high range of quality data about Material science and Engineering. At our conference, we would like to communicate about material science, which is the use of matter on atomic, molecular, and super molecules. This event also speaks about nano-material and energy, nano-fabric, and single-wall nanotubes, polymers Science, large molecules, macromolecule, a natural polymer, synthetic polymer, additional polymerization, condensation polymerization, nanostructure, nanofilms and co-polymer. 

Advantages of Conference: 

  • Reach an elevated target
  • A great moment to interact with people
  • Travel and accommodation booking Interchanging ideas with each other
  • Opportunities to connect with huge researchers
  • Extensive reach across the globe 
  • Gain more knowledge 
  • Approved Certification by the universities 

Who can participate? 

  • Research scholars 
  • Delegates 
  • Scientists 
  • Professors 
  • Students 
  • Graduates 
  • Undergraduates


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Abstract Submission Ends on: June 20, 2023

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