Important Dates

  • Early Bird Registration
    28 FEB 2022
  • First Call Registration
    21 MAR 2022
  • Final Call Registration
    21 APR 2022


ICCS-2022 is a Scientific Body concerned chiefly with the advancement of Cancer Science

We are very happy to welcome you to participate in our “Online International Conference on Cancer Science” scheduled for 21-22 April 2022. Our aim is to bring global Scientists/ Researchers and Students to one platform.

Our Conference Eminent Speakers

  • Arun K. Rishi, USA
  • Chirravur Prazwala, USA
  • Monica Benvenuto, Italy
  • Terri Crudup, USA
  • Cecilia Caino, USA
  • Sofiene Mansouri, Saudi Arabia
  • Lulu Zhang, China
  • Guido Gini, Italy
  • Li Tong, China
  • Juan Huang, China
  • Marzia Pucci, Italy
  • Xifeng Sun, Austria
  • Mohammed Hamood Ali Al-Saeedi, Yemen
  • Tarang Patel, India
  • RamaRao Malla, India
  • Murad Younis, Saudi Arabia
  • Marta Kazimierska, Poland
  • Wilfred Angie Abia, Cameroon
  • Gunosindhu Chakraborthy, India
  • Deepanksha Datta, India
  • Maria Braoudaki, UK
  • Uyanga Batbold, Taiwan
  • Neetu Singh, India
  • Suat Cheng Tan, Malaysia
  • Qingqing Wang, China


Renowned Speakers

Terri Crudup



Monica Benvenuto

Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences


M. Cecilia Caino

University of Colorado


Maria Braoudaki

University of Hertfordshire

United kingdom

Past Conference Gallery