Ceramics & Composite Materials

Ceramics are of inorganic compounds constitutes of either non-metal or metalloids atoms. Ceramic composite materials are ceramic fibers rooted in a ceramic matrix, that forms a ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic fibers. Polymers can easily form into completely different shapes and the cost of manufacture is also low. Ceramic matrix composites contain ceramic fibers fixed in a ceramic matrix. The both matrix and fibers will consist of any ceramic material, that includes carbon and carbon fibers.

Combination of components is termed as composites also known as Fiber-Reinforced Polymer composites made from a polymer matrix man-made or natural fiber other reinforcing material. Recently, researchers have also started to be actively include in sensing, actuation, computation and communication into composites, which are known as Robotic Materials.

  • Composite wood such as plywood
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer or fiberglass
  • Metal matrix composites
  • And other advanced composite materials