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Applied Microbiology 2023

We are glad to announce the 5th International Conference on Applied Microbiology and Beneficial Microbes organized by Coalesce Research Group which is to be held on October 09-10, 2023 , in London, UK Microbiology has connected top applied research and early-stage innovations from universities, labs and start-ups with industry end-users and prospectors. Innovative and Emerging applications of Microbiology have significantly reshaped the Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Environmental and Electronic markets. In-depth market analysis of these technologies as well as trends, forecasts and profiles of major players from different analytical reports from various analysts prove how valuable the growth of microbiology has become. Efficiency of Microbiology has led to great and had a great environmental impact. This intriguing event has taken the initiative to gather the world class experts both from Academic and Industry in a common platform at Microbiology Conference to share their recent research finding to the world and enlighten other esteemed delegates on latest trends in the field of Microbiology ( Sessions ). We cordially invite all concerned people from all countries to join in our event at London, UK and make it successful by your participation.

Why to Attend?
Presenting your Organization’s Work on a Global Stage:
As a speaker you will be presenting to a room full of senior representatives from all over the world, each providing a different perspective from the sector. Your organization’s expertise and knowledge will be showcased to key players in the field of Microbiology and will be a unique platform to increase your reputation within the sector.

Latest News: If you are interested to join as a speaker confirm your participation through Registration and submit your abstract we will provide book of abstracts in softcopy with your abstract,  If you are interested to join as a delegate/Listener you can directly confirm your participation through Registration


Organizing Committee

Keynote Speakers

Renowned Speakers


The 4thInternational Conference on Applied Microbiology and Beneficial Microbes washeld on November 07-08, 2022 at Millennium Hotel ParisCharles De Gaulle, Paris, France with the theme: "To exposethe research in the field of Biotechnology, Food Microbiology, Agriculture,Medicine and Bioremediation" and has witnessed an amalgamation ofoutstanding speakers who enlightened the attendees with their knowledge relatedto the field of Microbiology.

The conference hostedby Coalesce Research Group was marked with the attendance of renowned and brilliantresearchers, business delegates, and talented student communities representingmore than 15 countries around the world.

The meeting wasembarked on with an opening ceremony followed by Keynote Sessions and followed by a series of lectures (Oral & Posters) delivered by Honorable Guests andmembers of the Keynote forum. The highlights of the meeting were the eponymouslectures, delivered by:

  • Paulina Aguirre, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador
  • Mirosław Sitarek, The National Institute of Horticultural Research, Poland
  • Martina Dubinová, Comenius University, Slovakia
  • Marek Straka, Comenius University, Slovakia
  • John Kapolos, University of Peloponnese Greece
  • Karinna Gerardo Chouman, SBI Scientific Bioprocessing Inc, Germany
  • Wanessa CMA Melo, Institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania
  • Ayelet Raz-Pasteur, Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel
  • Rosolino Ingraffia, University of Palermo, Italy
  • Sandra Rayén Quilodrán, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • Lidia Sas Paszt, The National Institute of Horticultural Research, Poland
  • Serena Lima, University of Palermo, Italy
  • Néstor Kerner, Gen-Med SA, Argentina
  • Andres Mäe, Estonian Crop Research Institute, Estonia
  • Angela Conti, University of Perugia, Italy
  • Lucas Marques Costa, BRC Ingredientes Ltda, Brazil
  • Carlos Alberto Guerra, BRC Ingredientes Ltda, Brazil
  • Adrien Rousseau, University of Dundee, UK
  • Maria Belen Cevallos Almeida, Central University of Ecuador, Ecuador
  • Dozolme Pascale, Université de Bordeaux, France
  • Remy Loris, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
  • Vittoria Vecchiato, University of Westminster, UK
  • Debora Casagrande Pieranton, University of Perugia, Italy
  • Esteban Yefi-Quinteros, University of Chile, Chile
  • Christian Opländer, University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany
  • Dimitra Houhoula, University of West Attica, Greece
  • Puqing Wang, Hubei University of Medicine, China
  • Linda A. Bester, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Natashia Sydney, Aberystwyth University, UK
  • Yiannis Kourkoutas, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
  • Cristina Cruz, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dzung Nguyen, Eilat Campus, Israel
  • Federica Giacometti, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Ganesh Gollavelli, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India
  • Mouna Jlidi, University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Paula Ristow, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
  • Herculano da Silva, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Sandra Hilário, University of Aveiro, Portugal

The two-day event implanted a firm relationship of upcoming strategies in thisfield. We are thankful to all our Organizing Committee, speakers & Studentsfor encouraging and supporting us to conduct the conference, and workshops andcatapulting the same to the pinnacle of success.

We wish to see you allat our next event scheduled in London, UK.

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Final Call Registration Ends on: October 09, 2023

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